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Josephine Seaman Senior editor

Y!Supra is an instant messaging client that lets you connect to your Yahoo! account and get in touch with your buddies.

It is a smart alternative to other IM clients because it doesn't require any additional dependencies and at the same time because it offers a wide range of features.

All you need in order to use Y!Supra is a Yahoo!
account. Once you launch the application, you just need to log in with your Yahoo! account and that's it. An easy-to-use graphic user interface lets you quickly find your way around Y!Supra. You will notice that the graphic design, the organization of the main menu and the buttons of Y!Supra seem to be similar to the standard Yahoo! Messenger client. Y!Supra lets you set up its preferences in an easy way. One single click is enough to customize your buddy list, change the chat options or manage macros and chat commands.

Y!Supra doesn't let you only chat with your friends, but it also lets you transfer files in an easy way. With the help of Y!Supra, you can share documents, audio files or pictures with your buddies directly from its interface.

Thanks to the advanced SPAM/flood filters, flood detector and filter log, Y!Supra provides a high-level of secure communications.

Y!Supra is worth trying because it offers all you could possibly need from an instant messaging client.


  • it provides secure communications
  • external dependencies are not required


  • video chat/call feature is not supported

Publisher's description

Y!Supra is a third party chat client that will enrich your Yahoo! experience with its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities.

This is the first program of its kind to be a pure native application. No external dependencies are required, not even for YMSG authentication or voice chat.

Main Features:
1. Communication
- Animated Smilies
- Customizable fonts & colors
- Hypertext preferences
- Buddylist with stealth & custom status options
- Tabbed Instant Messages
- Offline Messages
- Chat Rooms
- List of all chat rooms
- Favorite & Recent chat room lists
- Ability to stay in a chat room for up to 6 hours
- Emotes
- Tattoos
- Voice Chat with "domination", recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
- Allow or disallow voice chat to strangers
2. Protection
- Advanced SPAM/flood filters
- Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
- Eleven customizable chat room filters
- Ten customizable instant message filters
- Username wildcard ignore
- Message wildcard filter
- Filter Log
- Safe List
- Ignore List
- Cloak Mode
- Ghost Mode
- YMSG Version 16 and 102
3. Productivity
- Account Manager
- Account Unlocker
- Password Changer
- Auto-update
- Packet Analyzer
- Macros/Chat Commands
- Server Preferences
- Customizable Client ID
- Wallpaper Preferences

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    best client ever